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Ola mupchu, thanks for your reply.

Originally Posted by mupchu View Post
Before you get really hung up on the proper servo movements and setting up the swash plate correctly, make sure you visit FINLESS Bob's tech section and see the video's on CCPM setup. In fact watch all the video's in the 450SE section and they will all help even though he is not working on a blade heli.
I am slowly making my way through Finless Bob and Sokal's videos. Bith have been very very helpful so far (as I'll come back to later in this post!). It's great that so many people in this community are so up for sharing and helping, so often these niche pastimes seem to be full of elitism. Top videos Finless and Sokal. Thanks for sharing.

Originally Posted by mupchu View Post
I would probably just replace the gears in the tail servo, if you were set on a replacement I would spend the extra cash and get a futaba 9257, or a JR 3400G in the long run you'll be happier with those.
After phoning round UK suppliers it appears that both gears and full servos are like hens teeth at the moment with most places having them coming in "in a week or two" so I might have to get creative.

I don't think I'll go the upgrade route just yet as I think it would be pointless given my own skill level (I'm pretty likely to crash this myself when I get her running again after all). I'll be aiming to have a spare stock servo in hand anyway so I'll probably pick up a servo and gear set. Is there a way to test the servo once the gears have been removed. If I plug it back into the gyro and power up (motor disconnected) will the initial (I assume) small metal cog on the gyro's motor spins up?

I have now removed the tail servo and taken off the facing to get to the gears.

The gears themselves look a little worse for wear but not completely stripped (except possible in one case). There may well be a problem though. This may sound like a REALLY dumb question but is there usually a white liquid/paste that looks and smell a lot like PvA glue inside the gear housing? Have a look at the images below:

Gunk in Vera's tail servo:

Gunk in Vera's tail servo gears:

Thanks for your reply mupchu, more lessons from Finless for me! And cheers to you to, Appropriate as I've just been poured a glass!... Watch my typing go downhill.

Hey LockMD and Ti RX-8 thanks for your replies.

Originally Posted by LockMD View Post
Huston we have a problem.....Ted your swash should stay level from 0 to 100 left stick.
Originally Posted by Ti RX-8 View Post
Right, all the servos should move together (collective) when you move the left stick.
Thanks a lot for this, I was just making a list of things to check from the first parts of FB's CCPM part 1. There is a bit near the beginning of part 1 where there is a top down view of his bare chassis (well the heli's!) showing how each of the CCPM servos move in accordance with stick input. I definately need to check mine against the vid.

Originally Posted by Ti RX-8 View Post
The Elevator (front) servo isn't moving with the left stick input.
From the new pictures, it doesn't appear the Aileron (left-side, rear) servo is moving with the left stick either.
It appears that the only servo moving with collective input is the Pitch (right-side, rear) servo.

Ted: Did the model in your TX get messed up? Is it still configured for Heli/120 CCPM?
If you weren't on the other side of the ocean I would definately be getting the next round in! Good shout. I read this, went and checked the Tx and lo-and-behold the model is set as heli but there is a 90 degree swash setting!

Interesting return Tx to default settings is mentioned in FB's and Sokal's videos so I best go dig them and and go through all the settings!!

Is this likely to be me being rubbish with the control wheel as I don't think I've been into the swash settings? Maybe it was set like this when I got it....which might explain why the previous owner was frustrated with it.

Could Tx reasons also account for the tail servo not working?

On a different note could a very slight kink in the tail linkage/pushrod be problematic in the future?

Vera - Tail linkage (a slight kink?):

And for my own reference...

Vera - Cables/plugs into Gyro:

Seriously; everyone who has posted so far, thanks for all your help. I feel like I have a lot to learn.... more FB videos and reading for me then!!

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