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Well Gravity Junkie I am really on the fence right now about mine. I have the build done. I still have to solder the T-60 connectors onto the three 4S batteries that I ordered along with the kit and a bunch of extra parts, and then check the rotation and orientation. I did not know that the PC/USB interface was going to be included in the kit from Heli Direct, so I ordered one from Encore at the same time I ordered my kit/parts from Heli Direct. While I don't need the interface now because it came with the kit, I still have not received the one from Encore. I sent them an email inquiring about the order since is has not shown up, and the tracking number that I received from them is not valid. I received the most condescending email from Encore that I've ever received from a company. I even let two other people read it to make sure I wasn't reading something into it that wasn't there. Both said they would never do business with a company that treated their customers like that - which was my initial conclusion also. I have read so many post on how Encore RC's customer support is the best. Guess that I am just the exception. So at this point I am at a stand still on finishing my Invertix because I know in the future if and when I need parts that Encore RC is going to be involved. I think that I am going to just put the whole lot (Invertix, batteries, spare parts) up for sale as I refuse to continue to do business with a company that treated me in a negative way.
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