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The white stuff that looks like pva glue, is supposed to be grease for the gears. When I rebuilt my servo's I cleaned it up with alcohol (not that kind ), and used my own grease to lube them back up. White lithium grease is supposed to be prefered (at least that's what finless uses). I am a mountain biker so I happened to have some grease on hand that is plastic friendly so just used what I had.

That said you gears look good on the tail, I would plug it directly into the RX and see if it works. You could have a problem with the gyro if the servo works in that channel. If the servo does not work it looks like it's a burnt out servo. When you look at the gyro, what mode is the gyro in for the tail servo (analog or digital). The stock servo is digital, but it cannot handle the output of the gyro, and should be run in analog mode.

You can get a spektrum DS75 and use it, similar spec's to the stock but the bonus is that the servo can be driven in digital mode. Also you might want to look into what the shops around you do keep in stock regularly, running a hitec hs55 or 56 would also work (those would both be analog).

I can definetly relate to not wanting to upgrade at this point. I would say though that a locked in tail will help you learn more than anything else though. The nice thing about heading hold gyro's is you can really focus on the cyclic controls, and you're tail should stay locked.

If you have not gotten a Sim already I would highly suggest it as a worth while investment. If nothing else if you get grounded by lack of parts it's a good way to keep your skills fresh. Also it's helped my feel much much more comfortable with the nose in orientation without racking up injury's and broken parts

The tail rod looks fine from the pic, but when you get the tail servo working you should listen to see if the servo is making a lot of noise when trying to more the tail. The servo should not make a buzzing sound all the time or something is binding.
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