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Interesting. I needed to contact them as I incorrectly ordered the external RX version and wanted the Sat version. The problem was that I didn't realize it until I fully built the quad, so there was no way to return it.

I contacted Encore and Bobby responded to me. It took several days, but he was willing to just swap the NanoWii board out for me. He also offered up some advice and was a total pleasure to deal with. It would have been nice to have a faster response, but I couldn't have asked for better service.

I also had to just contact them the other day. I bought some white V2 props and they incorrectly sent all of the same props. They responded in less than an hour and are sending new props.

I would forward your email that you received directly to Bobby and express what you've written here. His email addy is [email protected].

Every company has bumps in the road. You never know what happened. Maybe the support guy was having a terrible day. Not an excuse, but everyone is human. Even HH can have terrible service. I've had it both ways with them too. I can understand being jilted, but things happen. Nobody is perfect. To the other poster, maybe your email didn't make it or ended up in the junk. I really wish Encore can another form of support contact. But I understand just email since its a really small company.
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