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Hi guys,

First post on the boards here so please pardon my noobness I am trying to set up my satelite on my naze32 flight controler and I am following the instructions described on his post and all the provided links but still cant get the satellite to connect.

- I have succesfully binded my TX with an AR8000 Rx with the satellite attached.
- I have soldered the power, signal and ground directly on the Naze32
- When connected to cleanflight using the USB cord, the orange light is lit when I power up my TX

This is where I am starting to get issues. I am trying to set the UART2 to serial but when I press save and reboot, the boxes I had checked are cleared and it goes back to UART1 with he check mark in the MSP box.

I've read and re-read all the posts I could find and I am following the procedure step by step without success.

If anyone has a clue what I should do or what I may be doing wrong, it would be highly appreciated.

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