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I'm not going to post the email on here as I don't feel that would be appropriate, but the first paragraph was condescending. The person that responded was not Bobby, however I did look up their business information and the person that responded is listed as a managing member. Should I get this issue resolved by Bobby and I decide to keep the Invertix, then I will definitely ask you for the SPM file. Thanks for offering.

Gravity Junkie,

Thank you for providing Bobby's email. I am going to forward the email that I received to him and await his response. I'll provide an update once I hear back from him.


It was post like yours (I read all of the post under the Invertix 400 section) that convinced me that Invertix was a good company when I was deciding about ordering one. At this point I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to show me that they value the customer. Again, I'll provide an update when I hear back from Bobby.

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