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Originally Posted by KennyC View Post
I did send a copy of the email to Bobby via the address that Gravity Junkie provided. He did respond and said that he is on vacation but will be back sometime this week and look into it and get back to me. I have thought long and hard over the weekend and I've decided to go ahead and finish the Invertix and fly it. I did buy extra props, landing gear, and arms when I ordered the kit. I know if I try to sell it I'll take a beating so I'm just going to fly it. Hopefully when I need parts in the future I can find them elsewhere unless Bobby gets back and we come to a resolution over this.

Happy Flying!

Maybe he is still on holidays. It is that time of year.

Build it and fly it. You won't regret it. It flies awesome and the model is great. Good design, inexpensive parts, easy build, reasonable price.

What do you need to know, maybe someone on the forum can help ?
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