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Soldered the T-60 connectors to my three 4S Pulse batteries today and tested the motor rotation. Can't believe all four were correct directional rotation. I would like to mention that if you are using a DX9 with the Spektrum Satellite version that Aux2 needs to be reversed. I don't think you reverse Aux2 on a DX8, at least the manual doesn't say to. Installed the props, took it outside did one more last test, all looked well. Flew really small and slow circuits - going through all three batteries. I have a small back yard so I could not do much, but as I get a better feel for it I'm sure I can do more than I did with it today. It does handle well and the wind was blowing about 4 - 5 mph and didn't seem to have any effect. A 4 - 5 mph wind with the Nano QX would have bounced it all around. So far I am happy with it. I'll report back when I able to get out to the field and fly it. Maybe next week.
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