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Originally Posted by LinusLarsson View Post
I don't think I will add these features, it would add complexity.


The way it should work completely untested, is that you should only see models and batteries you used on the season you select. Since I only have Season 2015 it may not work yet This way models you sold off or batteries retired should not be seen forever.

The current season will be the default when you start the program, I will look into this more in January 2016.

This is my thoughts about it and I think it will work to reduce the clutter.

Yeah not worth the effort if it's self cleaning anyway. I had bunch of garbage from the initial Vcontrol conversions so I just purged the records. I guess if you ever did revisit the topic it could be a simple solution with an Inactive flag that you set on a battery or model to hide them from the display without removing the records.
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