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Originally Posted by KennyC View Post
Nice flying Codepox! Can you elaborate on the lifetime warranty on the frame? What is it made of?

I am only the designer of the frame, which is a collaboration between Michel Morin who did all the CAD design, Chris who owns Armattan and myself, also responsible for testing and tuning.

The frame is 100% 3k carbon, arms are 5mm thick.
The frame is very very rigid, no flex in the arms which makes it very precise and you can tune it very tight.
A lot of attention, also, has been put in the weight distribution, 2/3 of the battery sits above the plane of the propellers which makes it very agile and nimble, minimal pendulum effect.

This is a prototype, only two have been build so far, and as you can see in the video it flies very well and beyond my expectation.
When flying 3D, especially when first learning how to fly inverted is going to end up in a lot of crashes.
This is the idea behind a frame with similar or better performance that existing product but build very strong and backed up with a lifetime warranty.
Armattan is known for their high quality products and extremely good customer support.
Armattan in based in Taiwan but shipping is fixed price $5 and takes usually 7 to 8 days to USA.
Here is more information about the lifetime warranty:
The short version is "Crash it, break it and we'll replace it. For life!"

We are testing to see if there an interest for this type of frame to make it a product.
If you have any question, you can also contact Chris at [email protected]
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