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Thank you for your response. I went to the Armattan site and read Chris's story. Intriguing. What do you think the price point may be for a 3D 400 quad or perhaps a 500 version? Have you started a thread about this? I would imagine that there would be many interested.
I just had a conversation with Chris this morning, it is not on the Armattan WEB site yet but the frame is now available.
Price of the frame with the hardware and lifetime warranty is $85 plus $5 shipping.
The frame is made of the best 3K Carbon and aluminum standoff.
The size is 400 mm motor to motor, arm thickness is 5mm.
The center section is compose of 3 plates:
- Bottom plate is 2mm thick
- Center plate is 2.5mm thick
- Top plate is 2mm thick
I weighted mine ready to fly without battery at 652g and I am using Afro HV 20A ESCs which are big and heavy.

For comparison, I weighted other frames ready to fly without battery but including receiver, propellers, battery strap, which are usually not included in manufacturers advertised number
- Invertix 400 Carbon edition: 655g
- Align LEAP 450 (boom and boom holder are plastic not carbon): 640g
- Aerialfreaks Hyper 400: 685g
- JR Ninja 400MR: 663g

To order the frame, just contact Chris at [email protected]
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