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Default Satellite version signal loss or ???

I've twice had my Invertix stop responding in air for a brief period. Once resulted in a nasty crash, today I was able to save it.

I'm running the Spektrum version using a DX6.

The first crash I was doing a high speed pass and came to pull up into a quick stop. I flipped the quad into the forward flight and snapped the motors into reverse to stop. It seemed to lose response for a split second and started falling out of the sky. With the speed and loss of orientation, I put it in hard.

Today, I was doing traveling forward flips. I started coming back towards me doing a backflip, but its more of a graceful arching kind of movement. Kinda hard to describe. But doing the backflips, it seemed to have lost control again. It started falling and I had no to little throttle response. It came back a couple feet off the deck and I was able to bury the power and save it.

Has anyone else seen this? I'm not sure if it's a RX brownout or a signal loss or maybe an issue with the flight controller.

Does anyone know of a way I can check to see if it was a signal loss?
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