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Default 700x tail blow out when changing idle up

i have a 700x pro kit with dx6 and beastx. i am having a hard time setting it up to have the tail locked in. when changing up to idle 1 or 2 i tail will blow out i guess you would say.also when i do my pitch pumps the tail will do the i need to turn the tail precomp on or do i need to turn the gyro up more. with the tail precomp i see that it has settings for low-nor and high nor/ is the normal mean for tail direction ?.i have my gyro settings in my radio at 3 settings trying to tune it in and they are 0 is 66% 1 is 68% 2 is 73%. i also use the dx8 settings in the 550x manual to start off. i also used the beastx settings in the 550x manual any help would be awesome
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