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Hi All,

I too am having a similar/same problem...
Quote :- montrealer - This is where I am starting to get issues. I am trying to set the UART2 to serial but when I press save and reboot, the boxes I had checked are cleared and it goes back to UART1 with he check mark in the MSP box.

I've read and re-read all the posts I could find and I am following the procedure step by step without success.

All wiring is as is, in the readme/tutorial - my setup is ~ QAU250 20A Emax Simonk firmware, Atlas Sphere PDB / readytosky 2204's 16kv 2300 / 1.5ah 3S Nanotech Lipo.

I am using a 2.4ghz orange 6 channel DSM2 R620 w/the sat RX plugged into it to bind the receiver w/a simonk 20 Amp bec. Have used 3 different sat rx's they flash go through the normal bind process However if I unplug the receiver from one of the bec's then plug that receiver back into the flip nada! ......??? (as far as motor action/response) Rx lights up and doesn't flash.

Puzzled as I can run a motor test so bec's/motors are all good! after a bind attempt I am unable to move the receiver profiles ie. up down + or -1500 in software? I've obviously done some thing wrong I just can't pick it atm

Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated, thanks in advance to any one who can assist

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