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Originally Posted by montrealer View Post
Hi guys,

First post on the boards here so please pardon my noobness I am trying to set up my satelite on my naze32 flight controler and I am following the instructions described on his post and all the provided links but still cant get the satellite to connect.

- I have succesfully binded my TX with an AR8000 Rx with the satellite attached.
- I have soldered the power, signal and ground directly on the Naze32
- When connected to cleanflight using the USB cord, the orange light is lit when I power up my TX

This is where I am starting to get issues. I am trying to set the UART2 to serial but when I press save and reboot, the boxes I had checked are cleared and it goes back to UART1 with he check mark in the MSP box.

I've read and re-read all the posts I could find and I am following the procedure step by step without success.

If anyone has a clue what I should do or what I may be doing wrong, it would be highly appreciated.

The values get reset if you have an invalid setting. You should have MSP enabled on uart1. MSP is used for cleanflight to communicate to the board. You can move MSP to a softuart if you use an FTDI or bluetooth connection for cleanflight.

So to start, leave MSP on uart1, and set uart2 for serial rx then save. Then go to the config tab and set the RX type to DSMX or whatever you are using and press save again. If at anytime you see the defaults come back, you chose an invalid setting.
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