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Originally Posted by hatesmakingupusernamesno View Post
Hi All,

I too am having a similar/same problem...
Quote :- montrealer - This is where I am starting to get issues. I am trying to set the UART2 to serial but when I press save and reboot, the boxes I had checked are cleared and it goes back to UART1 with he check mark in the MSP box.

I've read and re-read all the posts I could find and I am following the procedure step by step without success.

All wiring is as is, in the readme/tutorial - my setup is ~ QAU250 20A Emax Simonk firmware, Atlas Sphere PDB / readytosky 2204's 16kv 2300 / 1.5ah 3S Nanotech Lipo.

I am using a 2.4ghz orange 6 channel DSM2 R620 w/the sat RX plugged into it to bind the receiver w/a simonk 20 Amp bec. Have used 3 different sat rx's they flash go through the normal bind process However if I unplug the receiver from one of the bec's then plug that receiver back into the flip nada! ......??? (as far as motor action/response) Rx lights up and doesn't flash.

Puzzled as I can run a motor test so bec's/motors are all good! after a bind attempt I am unable to move the receiver profiles ie. up down + or -1500 in software? I've obviously done some thing wrong I just can't pick it atm

Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated, thanks in advance to any one who can assist

Once you plug the sat into the FC, I presume it binds to your TX. If so, next you just need to get the FC to recognize the serial stream. From the defaults, go to the ports tab and change uart2 to serial rx baud to 115200 and save. Then on settings tab, configure for the correct serial rx type and save.

Then on the receiver tab, you should see channel values change as you wiggle your tx sticks. On this tab, change the order of channels to match spectrum (map to TAER1234) and save. Now the correct channels should wiggle as you move the tx sticks.

Check the docs here:

Also, search for 'naze' on He has pics and instructions for wiring the 3.3V and setting up the naze32.
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