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Hey u8mydog Thanks for you responding! also read more into this thread after a bit of rinse repeat the rx/tx did bind

I can now go into the Reciever tab on Cleanflight and move the sticks and see the response in the software Roll Pitch and Throttle are all set to 1755 and move around, However Yaw is sitting at 988 and there is no response from the sticks? I can't / don't know how to adjust this I should also not the TX is obviously an Orange from HK mode 1 with the Gimbles swapped over to act as a mode two BUT only has two position switches which are all set to 0 even. Trim adjustments make no difference either?

I have backed up the settings I then disconnect from base flight turn the TX off unplug the usb cable and lipo - then reconnect the lipo and turn on the TX the RX lights up and is bound but no response from the quad ie. motors don't spin / like there not getting the input/output form the Tx? final hurdle I hope!

Thanks glad I found this Great Forum! Once again thanks in advance to anyone who can help

The mode shouldn't matter because spectrum will always use the map TAER1234. Check the 'monitor' output of your TX to verify the 4th channel (rudder) moves with your sticks. Do the same test with your switches.

Regarding motors spinning up, first, you need to calibrate the accelerometer using the first tab in cleanflight. The FC will not arm if the accelerometer doesn't think it is level and not moving. Also there is a stick movement to arm the FC. Check the docs on github (link I previously sent).

A few other things: Make sure your stick travels are seen in cleanflight as 1000 to 2000. The middle should be 1500. It sounds like yours are off so adjust your trims & travel adjust on your tx.

Once you are ready to spoolup, there is a calibration process required for your ESCs so that they all turn on at the same time. Google around but I believe the process is power on FC/rx/tx. Go to the motor tab, select the checkmark (making sure props are off), use master slider to to go to max throttle, then apply power to the ESCs. The ESCs should detect throttle calibration mode and not turn the motors. Then move the master slider all the way to the bottom. Now ESCs should be calibrated and moving the master slider will start all motors at same time.
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