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Default s800evo drift

Hey guys, have a s800 evo, running a wookong.
I'm pretty new with this bird. I bought used from a gentleman, so he did all the setup on it. So far everything has been going pretty well. I haven't engaged any of the satellite features much yet, mostly because I don't know what all the LED blinking statuses mean, other then when during orientation preflight.

The problem Ive run into so far is that every so often, say maybe every 3rd or 4th flight, after doing the orientation, I put the bird in the air, and it immediately gets a drift to it, sometimes a small one and sometimes really bad. Last night it was so bad that I had to the stick almost all the way pulled back in the "reverse" direction to keep it one spot. As you might imagine, landing went a little rough back but got it down safely.

So I unplugged it, plugged it in, did my orientation, put it in the air and everything is fine. Question being, anyone know why this happens?
The direction of the drift doesn't always seem the same, but is usually either forward, or strafing to the left.
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