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"According to the manual the compass calibration is to be done before each flight."

From the WKM manual...

"3. When to do re-calibration.
 The flight field is changed.
 The multi-rotor mechanical setup has changed, including the following situations:
a) If the GPS & Compass module is re-positioned.
b) Electronic devices added, removed or re-positioned (Main Controller, servos, batteries, etc).
c) When the mechanical structure of the multi-rotor is changed.
 If the flight direction appears shifting (meaning the multi-rotor doesn’t “fly straight”).
 The LED indicator often indicates abnormality blinking when the multi-rotor spins. But it is normal
for this to happen only occasionally.
 LED blinks yellow and green ( ) continually, indicating that the compass data is abnormal."

From the A2 manual...

"Situations that require recalibration
Situations Descriptions
Compass Data abnormal LED blinks yellow and green alternatively( (∝)).
Flying field altered Flying field has changed over a long distance.
Mechanical alteration
The mounting position of GPS-COMPASS PRO PLUS module changes.
Electronic units such as Controller Unit, CAN-HUB, battery etc. have been added,
removed, remounted or other alterations.
Mechanical structures of the aircraft has changed
Drifting during flying Evident drifts occurred in flight such as the aircraft doesn’t fly straight
Attitude errors LED often blinks error indicator when the aircraft turns around"

I could not find any mention of Compass calibration in the S800 manual.

NONE suggest that it be done before every flight.

Concerning Manual mode, this mode, while not completely turning off the gyros (Another user here corrected me on this ) they are very much limited and the GPS is turned completely off, so any drift you see in manual mode is absolutely normal. You can equate it to flying a standard form helicopter with NO autopilot installed. While sometimes it may appear to stay in one place with no control from you, eventually it WILL move in some direction.

BTW, the manual for the WKM is here,

The A2 Manual is here,
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