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Default UPDATED: Here's what the 230S instructions left out!

Everybody that has received their new 230 S has had a chance to "air it out" and some have found a few issues. Mine was pretty close out of the box but started to develop a drift to the right in Normal Mode which required cycle to negate. When switching to Stunt 1, it wasn't a minor drift, it was flying away! In Stunt 2, if was flying away even FASTER!

I read everything several times and decided that I would do my patented (not really) No Flight Trim Flight which consist of tying the heli to the floor and going through through the factory instruction process. While this method works incredibly well on a 200SR X, the 230 S with it's larger blades has too much power and distorts the frame/skids causing you to add cyclic in order to keep it level. So, that's not the solution!

Decided to do a real trim flight early this morning when there was no wind and had mixed results the first time. The drift now was to the left instead of the right and in idle up, it was scary to keep it in the air!

Second time was non-eventful but worked so well I thought I'd mention a few details for those pilots that have not been successful with the process.

Below are the exact steps I used which should help anybody trying to fix the drift issue:

1. Start with everything turned OFF and the flight battery not connected.

2. Find a real LEVEL pad to place the heli on for initialization. DID I SAY LEVEL?

3. Turn on your radio, SET ALL TRIMS to CENTER POSITION.

4. Plug in the flight battery on the heli and let it sit there until completely initialized.

5. Place the Canopy on the heli.

At this point the radio is on, the heli is initialized and you should have your throttle hold ON.

6. Check servo movement on the heli by moving all sticks in all directions.

7. Only by coincidence, my step 7 is the same as the TRIM FLIGHT step number 7 so move your sticks left bottom left, right top left then press the Bind/Panic switch until the swash does a dance indicating it is in trim flight mode.

NOW follow the factory instructions with a slow spool-up and a lift off. Read SLOWLY, the computer is trying to think so don't give it to many instructions while getting up in the air.

8. As you climb slowly, (you art trying to do this with NO WIND), work your way slightly above MID Throttle STICK (50%). Since you are in Normal Mode, the heli will continue to climb as this move will be applying positive pitch. STAR YOUR TIMER and as it sill climbs, it will gain in altitude until it is way up there! If you need to bring it down, slowly descend. When you can see it again, work the throttle back up above 50%
Avoid any major cyclic input (right stick) but if your heli is drifting, apply enough to keep it in the same relative place.

UPDATE: I have now done another trim flight on another 230 S and found that I am flying considerably above mid-stick which accounts for the "way up there" statement. I do this to make sure that it is truly above mid-stick but you may find that you can do it without flying as high. On the other hand, maybe my success is due to holding it in a hover "way up there" since the trim flight data is being saved in 1 flight. Many pilots have reported multiple flight being necessary before it saves the data. Use common sense and do not fly beyond your capabilities.
BTW, the second 230S is flying as rock solid as my first one so the process does work! Good Flying!

9. DO THIS FOR at least 1 Minute, the longer the better! I went 2 + minutes!

10. Slowly bring the heli back down and land as softly as you can. Spool down completely as in don't touch the heli and MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO NOT TURN ON THROTTLE HOLD.
if you do, you will not save the new data and you'll need to start over.

11. Now that the heli is on the ground, you haven't touched it, nothing is rotating, it is perfectly still, PRESS and HOLD the Bind/Panic switch until the swash does another quick dance and the new data will be saved.

12. Unplug the flight battery, turn off the radio. Wait 10 seconds (really) and then turn the radio on, connect the flight battery, not too tight,
NOTE: you may want to install a fresh battery at this point depending how long your trim flight was (ON A LEVEL SURFACE) wait for initialization, reinstall canopy, set it down on the level surface again and start your flight.

13. Check your results..... the following characteristics should be in place:

In normal mode, should not drift in any direction and only SLIGHT input should be made to correct for position and altitude.

take her up 3 mistakes high and flip into idle up (stunt 1).

For those new to CP..... your throttle stick should be at 50%, the motor will increase in speed but the heli should not climb because your pitch is neutral at 50% stick position. (this is only partially true. Technically in normal mode there is a little positive pitch at 50% throttle). This will drop out when you switch to idle up as long as 50% is actually 0% pitch or neutral.

In Stunt 1 if you are at 50% on the stick, the heli will not climb, there will be an increase in motor rpm but the heli will stay at the same altitude. There should be no drift in any direction.

In Stunt 2, another slight increase in motor RPM will be noticed (at least on mine) but the stick is still at 50% so the heli should not change altitude. She should just sit there without drift, waiting for your next command.

If your trim flight procedure was successful, the 230 S will be ROCK SOLID and in my case, she now hovers hands off with no drift and no correction input. There was Zero wind so you might need a little correction if there is any wind.

IF this didn't work, Do it again until it does take a save. Or, it was not calm enough when the heli was gathering flight data. Remember, most of the time, the higher a heli climbs, the more chance for wind currents and being above 50% throttle with some positive pitch will require that you are "up there" with the potential wind.

Here's what I don't know yet.

1. Can this be done in any other modes..... probably not since you are calibrating the leveling capability of the electronics.

2. Will this solve a drift problem on a heli that has been crashed and you have not repaired it correctly...... probably not. If it is not 100% mechanically correct, you are wasting your time.

3. Do you really need to wait 10 seconds after the procedure before starting a real flight............ probably not, but I did.

4. Did I forget anything............ probably so but I tried to be as complete as possible so feel free to add your comments.

In closing, My 230 S flew OK out of the box but not anywhere near how she flys now. Since performing the above trim flight, the heli does exactly what I command with considerably more precision and response. This could become one of my favorite flyers if she hasn't already taken that position.

For those that still are having issue, take a deep breath and approach the problems 1 at a time. The 230 S is a fine heli and when you get it tuned up you will have many, many exceptional flights. This is part of the hobby so make your mental adjustments and have fun!

Thank you Horizon Hobby for and exception heli, in a very affordable price/performance category.

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