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Originally Posted by Bill_Van View Post
I read everything several times and decided that I would do my patented (not really) No Flight Trim Flight which consist of tying the heli to the floor and going through through the factory instruction process. While this method works incredibly well on a 200SR X, the 230 S with it's larger blades has too much power and distorts the frame/skids causing you to add cyclic in order to keep it level. So, that's not the solution!
Hello fellow Texan!

Sorry for the noob questions but here goes, anchoring by the skids so it can't take flight absolutely won't work? I'm definitely not comfortable sending it as high as step 8 implies. I don't care how dead the air is at ground level, here if you go above @ 150', there will be movement.

I bought mine last Tuesday, on Friday I flew it for the shop owner (he flew some too) and he said everything seems fine. Am I a lucky one where all is well out of the box? Using a DX7 if that makes any difference.

I don't pretend to know the ins and outs but it seems like a good write up, likely sticky material.
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