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Originally Posted by Flyin' Texan View Post
Hello fellow Texan!

Sorry for the noob questions but here goes, anchoring by the skids so it can't take flight absolutely won't work? I'm definitely not comfortable sending it as high as step 8 implies. I don't care how dead the air is at ground level, here if you go above @ 150', there will be movement.

I bought mine last Tuesday, on Friday I flew it for the shop owner (he flew some too) and he said everything seems fine. Am I a lucky one where all is well out of the box? Using a DX7 if that makes any difference.

I don't pretend to know the ins and outs but it seems like a good write up, likely sticky material.
And a good day to you from near San Antonio!

If you are good out of the box (I was) then this info might be good for the future. Mine started good but after a few batteries (break in?) it started to drift a little. Most would probably left it alone but in Stunt 1 and 2 it felt uncontrollable so I was motivated to make it right in all modes.

What was interesting was that my No Flight Trim Flight caused the drift to change from right to left. This is probably a result from the torque on the skids and frame while it was tied down at 75% throttle. This heli is just too powerful for that method. Remembering the process, I added left cyclic during the process to counter the torque induced flex which the electronics read as needing more in that direction! When I flew this morning, the result was exactly what I have tried to counter hence, left drift.

So the real answer is.... No! If you need to do a trim flight, it will be best if done in the air. While it sounds scary, in Normal mode, it is manageable.
As I mentioned, you can vary the throttle (below 50%) to bring it back down then take it back up a little above 50% to re-engage the data collection. If you do this, flying longer I believe will yield good results and give you a super stable heli.

As for your DX7, if you have it set up correctly, shouldn't matter at all. It's a good radio from what I've heard!

BTW, noob questions are good questions. You probably helped 50 pilots thinking the same but not knowing what to ask!

Thank you for your kind words, I'm trying to keep headaches to a minimum for those new to the hobby!
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