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Originally Posted by WhiteCloud View Post
if tieing down the heli to do a trim flight works for the 200srx, but, the 230s has to much power to do this.........why would'nt you remove the blades to do the trim flight tied down?
I've read that removing the blades also works but my goal was to keep the heli and all it's internal vibrations in place when I came up with the No Flight Trim Flight method.

Probably don't need to tie it down with the blades removed! You would want to disconnect the tail motor wires though. As you can see, all of a sudden the model is modified so far from a flying model that the trim flight isn't getting the data needed to provide that stable flight!

That does give me another idea though..... maybe a smaller set of blades (not as wide) would still provide the input but not the lift. I'll take a few measurements and see if 200sr x blades will fit. Don't want to add any shims as that can create an additional balance point.

Right now, it's flying so good I don't want to change anything! I do appreciate you causing me to think outside the box!
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