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T rex 450L Dominator

ESC - hobbywing platinum pro v3 with gov store
motor 460mx align
servos 3x mks ds95 HV + tails ds525 align

beastx plus 4 pro
all servos to highest pulse and hz.....
parameter B to blue (pro) all the rest to default...transmitter gain 30% (beastx to medium 'red') i think....
gov off cause i use the governor of the ESC which is perfect....3680 rpm
attidude control to 3d mode + collective 6 degrees (just to hover and lock the down direction to avoid crash in fast rescue)

heli has over 60 crash or problem till now....(its my 2nd 450l dominator with the first and the stock parts i had many issues regarding the tail wagging and vibrations)and i blame for that my shopper who after 30 years he dont know that with the governor mode you use a flat line on TC and not something line 0-40-65-75-80 etc.
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