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I did many trim flights before I was satisfied. I found that a short trim flight was better for me. I went maybe 30 seconds at the most and sat the 230 back down as soon as possible. Pushed the Bind button and waited for the swash to jump, then did a test flight and still had a slight drift to the left in normal mode, but IU 1 and IU 2 were dead on. I noticed that when I tried the longer trim flights it seemed like it would jump out of trim flight mode by itself and do a sudden hard drift to the left, but I could still grab it back with cyclic and get it back in a hover. I don't fly in normal mode at all, so I'm happy. Earlier on in my rc heli career I stayed in normal mode and was terrified to try IU 1 or IU 2. As I got a little more stick time I now feel the opposite and would much rather fly in IU 1 or IU 2. Anyways, this is just another opinion and I'm not trying to say who is right or wrong, this is just what worked best for me. Thanks
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