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Originally Posted by spaceshuttle View Post
I did many trim flights before I was satisfied. I found that a short trim flight was better for me. I went maybe 30 seconds at the most and sat the 230 back down as soon as possible. Pushed the Bind button and waited for the swash to jump, then did a test flight and still had a slight drift to the left in normal mode, but IU 1 and IU 2 were dead on. I noticed that when I tried the longer trim flights it seemed like it would jump out of trim flight mode by itself and do a sudden hard drift to the left, but I could still grab it back with cyclic and get it back in a hover. I don't fly in normal mode at all, so I'm happy. Earlier on in my rc heli career I stayed in normal mode and was terrified to try IU 1 or IU 2. As I got a little more stick time I now feel the opposite and would much rather fly in IU 1 or IU 2. Anyways, this is just another opinion and I'm not trying to say who is right or wrong, this is just what worked best for me. Thanks
Originally Posted by Newdon View Post
As mentioned earlier I don't have a 230S to try my 50% flat pitch curve idea but just to clarify - the 50% pitch setting on a programmable TX (assuming the mechanical side - swash level at mid stick - is set up right) should result in zero degree blade pitch and close to no lift.
As bill_van says, if all you are looking for is rotational mass, the stock blades should be OK. Anyone feel like doing research? As always the suggestion comes with the usual 'try at your own risk'.

I guess I've never quite got a grip on how the 'no flight trim flight' can work. I've always assumed that the heli had to be in flight; I guess I'm about to find out - my 200SRX is having a hissy fit.
Spaceshuttle - ALL input from those in the field is ALWAYS welcome!

It's funny, each and every heli has a personality of it's own and may require slightly different setups to accommodate the pilot. I was pleasantly surprised when I flipped into S1 and then S2 and the heli didn't move at all! Just sat there until I gave it some stick and she responded exactly like it should. I don't know how long the data stream will continue to log flight info before it starts to overwrite previous data. Probably is looking for a particular series of events to coordinate with the gyro(s) so it may be able to be done in a shorter flight. At any rate, I'm glad you got it flying to your preference.


I wish I had more info as to how the software actually handled all the aspects of stabilized flight data so I could make a more educated guess. I'm guessing that the actual blade pitch position never enters into the equation. On the 200srx, it probably doesn't since the pitch is fixed.... however, the 230 may have a totally different routine.

If you need detailed instructions on the No Flight Trim Flight for your 200sr x send me a PM. I've typed it on several threads and saved a copy so I wouldn't have to type it again. I will forward it to you if you like.

Off thread subject but on the general subject..... I scratch built a Rakon 200SR X 5-blade Heli that had the worse wobble you can imagine. So bad that I had to use every skill I have just to lift off, hover, and then land. Checked everything multiple times and there was nothing visible. All parts were new out of the package but just could not get a smooth flight. She looked like a wet dog shaking off water! Except worse! SO, I did my trim flight method after exhausting all other methods and upon completion, took her out. She flew like a dream!

It's my standard operating procedure to do the No Flight Trim Flight on all my 200SRx helis (I have 9, in every configuration you can imagine) and they all fly smooth as butter!) 5-blade flips and rolls sound like nothing you've ever heard coming from the sky!

I was disappointed when it didn't work on the 230 but the live flight did so there is always a solution, you just have to find it!

Have not had a chance to try to 50% pitch curve setting but I will. I hate it when work gets in the way of my hobbies.

To all the others that have posted in this thread, keep the ideas coming. If you can get your 230 S to fly like mine, you will be a very happy camper!
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