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Originally Posted by Rockyglw View Post
Hi Bill really helpful post as my instruction manual did not even have the trim instructions. I am using a DX7s and my 230s flys very stable except it drifts backwards, if I release the cyclic stick. Will your trimming method work if I have to use forward stick to keep it in one spot during trimming. I do not want to risk other issues as it is reasonably
controllable. Thanks
Yes, it should work! Try to keep the stick movements to a minimum and as smooth as possible. Windless days are best but the worse that can happen is you will have to perform the procedure again. Some have had success with a shorter trim flight time, Since I was already in the mode, I just kept it in the air. Figured the data stream would either stop logging or over-write it's self. Which ever it does, good data should be applied on the save! Please post your results or questions should you have any.

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