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Here's my maiden flight...
Yes, I have forward swash deviation
No, I haven't fixed it
Yes, I will fix it if I can...been too windy recently
I have enough RF7 time spent flying CP helis that freak out on the ground upon spool up and have learned to watch the disc+swash very close. That's why it may appear I have no issue during take off; I knew I needed to compensate already.
YET! She flies very well! It's more of a constant forward flight than any left or right so that's not the worst...but not acceptable. Especially for those more novice pilots out there.
As you can see in the thumbnail, I have switched to EC3 plugs. Simply because I prefer a bullet over a pin style connection.
20 flights in so far before crashing and deciding I've reviewed the DXe enough and the panic "button" isn't for me. I'll be using my Taranis now. I haven't flown in FM0 since flight 4 or 5.
Stay tuned for more videos with some stunts! I think I got my crash filmed too ...oh wait waiting on main gear and not sure if I'll have one by the weekend

BLADE 230 S Maiden Flight (4 min 12 sec)
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