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I would be willing to program the chip for you freaks if you have no way of doing it yourself. You guys buy your own chip and just mail it to me. I would program it for free and you just cover the cost of all shipping. I will test it before I send it back. I would think you could ship this via US postal for $1 or less? How does that sound? You can PM me or email me when you get your chip and I will send you my address. ZIP is 48453 if you guys want to calculate shipping. That $10 programmer looks pretty cool HFG. I might build one just to have an extra programmer around.

I also apologize for the half year it took to get this info out. I get side tracked easily and have multi projects going all the time….. If you guys have trouble with the write-up please let me know. I wrote it from memory and it could have typos (I hope not however). Also if anyone has a suggestion for improvement let me know and I would gladly add it to the write-up. The code I used was just what I came up with and since I am not an expert programmer, there might be a better way. So far the prototype is still working fine. (Rond is the current owner).


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