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Hey guys. Thanks for the help, got it all set up turned out to be the endpoints were not set correctly once I sorted that I took It to the park and flew really well for about 1 minute till I hit/flew through a Gum tree at a decent speed, quad lost a prop and nut no biggie.

Found this interesting as I was flying in Heli mode
How to setup CH6 (Aux) on an OrangeRX T-SIX transmitter (3 min 48 sec)
changed setting to acro but think I now have the end point issue again as I did calibrate the motors spun them up via the TX then it wouldn't spin up again?

I know it's bound because I can tilt the cam so the servo switch is working via the tx an fc but as the usb port broke off I'm doing all this via the uart/bluetooth/cleanflight android app and bt for the cleanflight GUI on PC maybe there's to much noise between the orange TX and sat rx / Phone w/wifi & bt on / a PC wifi & bt + all the other noise............or maybe its my endpoints? will see
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