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so quick to bash a non advertisers stuff. probably never owned one himself.
No I don't think Dan has owned a QWW. But I would guess he has seen some of the things I have seen with them.
A few years ago at the Toledo trade show. Went out to the demo area at the motel by the interstate. QWW was there demoing there new 30. Two of them crashed with a few minutes of each other. One the rotor head malfunction and it crashed. The other something happened as soon as it was lifted into a hover and it crashed. Was impressive demo. Same thing at the Jamboree when it was held in Hebron. Demoing a model and something happens and it crashes behind the pits. And the Jamboree in Muncie, a model crashes into an EZ up in the pit area with people sitting under it. All these models were being flown by employees or the owner. So not all these things are fiction. Some of them have actually been witnessed by more than a few people.

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