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Originally Posted by LinusLarsson View Post
Small bugfix release v3.0.1. Only change is the weekly graph now funtioning correctly

Download at homepage

Looks great all fixed for me.

Not sure if anyone is crazy like me with databases being clean. But I've been adding and removing a lot in the analyzer so I wanted to see about compacting the database. Just preparing for the years of use this application is going to get.
I'm sure with the small amount of data in here it's probably not even needed. But I just loaded some huge images in before I thought about how it would affect the size so I wanted to compact after replacing them with smaller ones.

SQLite is pretty simple and the command line shell can be downloaded from here

Running the following command with the path to my database chopped a couple megs off of the size of the database.

sqlite3 C:\Users\admin\.vcontrol.db "VACUUM FULL;"

Description of the command:
The VACUUM command cleans the main database by copying its contents to a temporary database file and reloading the original database file from the copy. This eliminates free pages, aligns table data to be contiguous, and otherwise cleans up the database file structure.
The VACUUM command may change the ROWID of entries in tables that do not have an explicit INTEGER PRIMARY KEY. The VACUUM command only works on the main database.
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