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Originally Posted by Fingolf View Post
Hi Linus,

is it possible to import log files from models without UI-Sensor?

This would be nice to read the log files and count the flights.

This comes up from time to time, I think I need to clarify my stance on this.

No, I will not do this at this time. I just don't feel it will be good enough, and there is rumoured sullotions for smaller models coming, ESC with built buitlin VControl telemetry. And tellme for Kontronik ESCs.

I want it to be correct, every flight should have correct flight time and basic telemetry. Just checking the VBar log doesn't even give correct flighttime. I would have to guess even more too see if we have a "powerup" or an actual flight. It's not up to the standards I have set for this program. Everything should be automatic and correct!

Hopefully we will see some new hardware next year. I'm not locking the door and throwing away the key, but I am locking it firmly for now.

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