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Default 230S just wont store trim flight data.

Originally Posted by tdriedger View Post
I took my 230 S out for the second time this morning. Earlier in the week, I struggled with the first couple of flights. The helicopter consistently wanted to pull left and forward in self-leveling (Normal) flight mode. I used trims once in the air (not the right solution) to get it level and could then fly around in Normal and Stunt modes. Obviously, landing the helicopter and changing the battery reset the trims and I'd have to repeat the whole exercise for the next flight.

I came here to HeliFreak looking for help and found my way to the "230 S Advanced Settings Addendum" posted on Horizon's product page.

This morning I went out and carefully worked my way through checking the servo neutral positions (no changes needed), swash level (again, no changes needed) and then a trim flight.

The trim flight appeared to work initially. I followed the instructions, swash wiggle to enter trim flight mode, solid 60 second hover in calm conditions, gentle landing and swash bump to save settings. I then proceeded to a test flight. Everything seemed fine in all three flight modes, TX trims all set to zero, panic mode working properly.

However, after changing the battery and proceeding to second flight the helicopter again pulled left and forward.

Unless someone can point to another issue, it is my belief that although the trim flight does work as designed. There may be either a firmware or hardware issue with writing the trim flight values to non-volatile memory in the controller. That could explain the units passing QC at the factory but many of us having poor out-of-box experiences.

I am open to any ideas or suggestions.

Hi Guys,

I had my 230 delivered last Thursday, what a nice piece of kit. It responds exactly as Tim's, constantly drifts forward and left, and at pace, even in normal mode. Does need a lot of cyclic to just get it in the air but once there its as smooth as silk. I have done several trim flights but none of them stick. I have tried all the methods suggested here and gone through all the advanced settings to check everything. I have even got one of the pro's from the heli club to double check everything as well.

I contacted the store I got it from and they have sent me a returns label so its on its way back now. One thing the support guy said was that I should have some trim set-up on my Tx (DX6 - new black one). Please correct me if i'm wrong here, but that's what the trim flight is for, right? I don't think I have read anywhere on here that I should add trim to the Tx.

Also, the telemetry setting on the DX6, do I leave it alone as default, or do i need to go in there and switch stuff on?

The way i have understood this heli from the beginning is that I program the Tx as per the book, fly it, do a trim flight if necessary and that's it.

Am i missing something obvious guy's

Thoughts, help, anything please.

Best Regards
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