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Originally Posted by MrHux View Post
Hi Guys,

I had my 230 delivered last Thursday, what a nice piece of kit. It responds exactly as Tim's, constantly drifts forward and left, and at pace, even in normal mode. Does need a lot of cyclic to just get it in the air but once there its as smooth as silk. I have done several trim flights but none of them stick. I have tried all the methods suggested here and gone through all the advanced settings to check everything. I have even got one of the pro's from the heli club to double check everything as well.

I contacted the store I got it from and they have sent me a returns label so its on its way back now. One thing the support guy said was that I should have some trim set-up on my Tx (DX6 - new black one). Please correct me if i'm wrong here, but that's what the trim flight is for, right? I don't think I have read anywhere on here that I should add trim to the Tx.

Also, the telemetry setting on the DX6, do I leave it alone as default, or do i need to go in there and switch stuff on?

The way i have understood this heli from the beginning is that I program the Tx as per the book, fly it, do a trim flight if necessary and that's it.

Am i missing something obvious guy's

Thoughts, help, anything please.

Best Regards
Hi Mark!

I believe you have been told some incorrect info regarding "trim" on the transmitter. Prior to performing the trim flight, all trims should be set at the "center" position on the DX6. And you are right, that's the purpose of the trim flight! The trim controls are to be used in flight for very minor adjustments. A properly set-up heli will need very little if any trim added. Sometimes a click or 2 is all you need to correct a little turn or drift. IMHO trims from the transmitter are in no way a substitute for a trim flight and proper setup.

Regarding the telemetry.... the DX6 has limited telemetry when in the gain setting modes. Anything more and you will need to purchase the Telemetry Module which will allow for more sensors to be installed on the heli. When in gain mode on the DX6, you can see which parameter you are working with and how much or little gain you are adjusting. Unless you get the module, leave the telemetry set to "inh" (inhibit) or off.

I had to return my second 230S to HH for evaluation yesterday. It along with my first 230 looses all cyclic and rudder control about 1-2 minutes into flight. I have other helis to fly but I finally got both to hover hands off and now this new issue is discovered! The price we pay for being early adopters!
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