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TMoore I appreciate your assistance. But you don't seem to be understanding what I am saying. Myself and a very knowledgeable pilot DoubleCH well respected on the 300X forum. Have both attempted to get this to go into the setup mode and the trim flight mode and it refuses to do either. I wanted him to do the trim flight because he is a much better pilot then I am and would be able to hold the heli in a steady hover much better then I can. We could not be assured that the swash was set level to attempt a trim flight because it refused to go into setup mode. He suggested that we not try the trim flight mode if we can't be certain that the swash is level when it looks to be way off. So I am here to see if anyone might know of something that we are overlooking. I have attempted every set of instructions that I can find and it hasn't helped. So far you have given me a clue that might help and that is to give it some throttle and see if it goes straight. I'll attempt to find a way to hold it down and give this an attempt. However I would really like to be able to go into the setup modes.
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