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It was the pre mix not set up correctly. I ended up making a new model from scratch and set the premix first. and then set up everything else. It worked and I will be giving it the trim flight and first flight in the morning. Thanks for your help. Is it possible to move the self level to the A switch? The bind button really is not that convenient in an emergency situation.
Interesting, glad you got it sorted out. I don't see any reason that you can't move the switch to what you want. I don't use the rescue mode so I left the bind button programming on the DX18 alone. All I've done is test the recovery to see how it works.

Once you check the setup and verify the servo arms, do the trim flight and just keep the disc level for 30+ seconds, land, let the head spool down and then press the bind button to capture the settings. Then reboot the heli and the TX to begin again.

Just remember that this system is a leveling system, not any sort of enhanced stability mode and while the head will level it will still drift from time to time.
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