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Well, have you tried it yet? :-)

Have you maybe flown the 200QX quad?

If you choose the green or blue stability modes of course the stability of the FC will fight a little bit against you in FFF. You have to hold down the nick stick always (against the FC).
In the red agility mode there is no stability anymore hence if you let go the nick stick the elevator-angle stays the same and does not fight back.

As far as I understand the 230s has the stability mode and agility mode. 3D mode even turns up the roll/flip would not need this.
The AR636 RX will probably do the same in the stability mode (a little bit of auto correction / leveling on elevator) if you really let go the stick.
I do not really expect the RX to do it in agility (+3D) mode but can't tell as I just fly my flybar Blade 450...(going back on FFF happens there a very little bit too).

You better try it :-)

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