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Originally Posted by faqcya View Post
I have a question about the self leveling it seems like it's on all the time. Will it try to fight me if I'm in FFF and I let go of the sticks or will it only actually attempt to self level when I push the panic button?
It depends on the state of the gear channel. When you initially programmed your radio you tied the gear switch to the flight mode switch B. Look at the Monitor screen on the radio and you can see the action of the gear switch.

Page 9 in the manual tells you how the system works. I can tell you that Normal mode feels like you are flying a bowl of molasses because you will feel like you are pushing and tugging the stick to get the heli to move. That's the way they set it up. You can change that to a certain extent with negative expo but I don't fly in that mode so I'm in FM2 99% of the time until I land.

Time to try it out I think.
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