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If the switch was moved from the Bind button to a regular two position switch, then it is common to leave it on the "ON" position. That is why the Bind button is recommended as it has a spring that returns it back disallowing you from keeping Rescue on all the time. Yes it is awkward and you have to reach out a lot. So since you changed it, you just have to make sure the right position is set. You can corroborate by entering trim flight, the swash will move indicating it went into that mode. Then as has already been said, take it off as quickly as you can (your buddy pilot may be able to assist). HH recommends several trim flights so I would say your first couple packs you set a 1 minute timer, fly it, land it, put it into rescue again, watch the swash move again, and move back the switch to its original position, disconnect the battery (DONT USE THROTTLE HOLD OR THE SETTINGS WILL NOT SAVE), reset the timer and repeat until you drain the pack (4 times, total). You may want to do only 3 if you monitor the voltage of your battery don't want to discharge it below 3.8 per cell.

This heli is tricky but I think several people actually have been able to fly it on fully assisted SAFE mode. I am at a point where I need to start pushing myself to learn so I fly on Agility and also several people fly it the same way, like a regular CP helicopter. I lift off on Normal (SAFE assisted) then move to Agility in the air.

Good luck!
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