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Default Absolutely done with wagging

My two HK250GT's are 6 years old. For the last 6 months both have had CC3D - Atom FBL controllers.

Tail hardware: both HKs use Align 37 mm blades, Chinese weights and double bearings, metal control rod (not straight) , HK parts all the rest.

I tried a few inexpensive servos. Inolab 202 works really well in one bird. A Turnigy S3066 HV, a few grams heavier, in the other. Both of them took a few tuning flights to get the tails strong, fast , and solid with no wag. Capable of 720 degree per second rotation with solid stop. My favourite tail servo is E-Flite DS76t but I had trouble with input frequency.

No matter how slow (or fast) the servo is (within reason).
No matter how much slop or flexibility there is in tail controls.
No matter how long (or short) the blades are.

Since the control parameters are so comprehensive you can make any combination of tail parts work well.

Both of my HKs / Atoms fly better than the Beastx or Align 3grs (sp?) ever did but they took a long time setting-up.
Good luck and happy landings.
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