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Originally Posted by teepeedoubleyou View Post
Hey Bill_Van, thanks very much for this guide. I found my 230 doing the usual forward/left drift in stability and was able to cure it after a single trim flight.

It might be worth updating your post for us mode 1 radio users: to enter trim mode it's left stick upper left, right stick lower left. If you try the mode 2 stick combo on a mode 1 Tx the heli will spool up violently.
X2, there are mode 1 people out there lol.
And on a FUNNY note I thought throttle hold on the rtf was to hold the throttle were you wanted. So I was up in the air and flicked the throttle hold on, and yeah she stopped and started falling. Flicked it back on before hitting the deck with full throttle and up she came
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