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Hi all,

Roughly a mont ago I received my Blade 230 s. I would also like to say that I am completely new to helis, never flown anything before. Maybe not a very good idea to start with this model, but ...

It also had drifting issue and during trim flights it went too much forward and I could not hold it and, well, crashed it. I sent it back and couple of days ago I received a new replacement bird. Meanwhile, I bought the Blade Inductrix to fly it a bit before the big bird arrives.

Unfortunately it also had drifting issues. Doing several trim flight did not help. I also tried to disconnect and main motor and try it that way, it also did not help.

So, I did it in another way, I did hold the heli in my hand directly under the main shaft, spooled up to roughly 3/4 of the throttle. It tilted strongly forward. I levelled it with the cyclic, so that i have a feeling that it pushed only vertically up, kept that way for a minute and spooled down. I roughly followed Bill_Van's procedure for the trim flight. Disconnected the battery and initialised again.

And it worked, now I have extremely small left drift, but I do not want to touch it again for now. It flies nicely in stability mode.

I hope this could help to those for whom normal trim flights do not work.

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