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Originally Posted by Harbormaster View Post
(Speaking as an absolute DS95i fanboy) I'm glad you got great results from the H1, and that's what matters, but I'd be willing to bet that the H1 would not come close to matching the 95i's awesomeness in a side-by-side test. Even the 95i's voltage ringing waveforms on a tester is better. It's simply that great.

The specs pretty much tell the story:
H1 Speed s/60:
@6.0V: 0.06
@6.0V: 38.9 oz./in. (2.8 kg./cm.) <--H1 17% more torque

6.0V: 0.04 sec/60 <-- DS95i 50% faster!
6.0V: 33.3 oz-in (2.40 kg-cm)

Again, I'm happy to hear that the H1 is working great for your needs, but if you're saying that they're the same and just priced differently, that's wrong.
I'd take the one that offers more torque for the Tennis racket effect(force).

My current tail servo is 3.1Kg, at half the price of an H1. Works well
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