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Default Update on new Whiplash OWB and repair parts from Germany

I have been in touch with Josef Schreiner from Miniature Germany.

They are still working on the new OWB design. They are on their third prototype iteration and will be testing it by the end of this month. If tests pass then they would start making production parts (no idea on time frame).

In the meantime, Josef has available GMN 422-m bearings as a stopgap measure. In our testing these eliminate the nah-nah's completely however the lifespan is short. I had one fail at 65 flights and another pilot had one last 100. The failure mode is different ,rather than chattering it will just slip completely and hte engine will rev up for quite a while and then suddenly lock back up hard (which shred gears). So basically you want to listed for a sustained engine ovverrev and if you hear that hit TH and auto it down immediately.

These are a $100+ special order item in the US but Josef has negotiated a special price for us if you order though him. See below.

These NEED to be lubricated to work correctly. Ideally they should be submerged but we know we cant due that due to clutch seepage, which is part of the reason they don't last. Josef has a special oil made for them or you can substitute synthetic ATF.

See details for ordering:
Subject: Re: Whiplash new one way bearing design?
From: [email protected]

Hi Jeremy,

I got the correct costs now. The price for the 422-M is $34. This is a special price for Whiplash repair work. Shipping costs by mail are $6.50, will take about 1 week.

A small bottle (50 ml) of the correct oil for the OWB is $4.69. It is a transmission oil based on polyglycol. You will net about 0.5 to 1 ml to oil the OWB.

Please let me know whether you need the oil too or any other parts.

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