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Hi Guys,

I had my 230 delivered last Thursday, what a nice piece of kit. It responds exactly as Tim's, constantly drifts forward and left, and at pace, even in normal mode. Does need a lot of cyclic to just get it in the air but once there its as smooth as silk. I have done several trim flights but none of them stick. I have tried all the methods suggested here and gone through all the advanced settings to check everything. I have even got one of the pro's from the heli club to double check everything as well.

I contacted the store I got it from and they have sent me a returns label so its on its way back now. One thing the support guy said was that I should have some trim set-up on my Tx (DX6 - new black one). Please correct me if i'm wrong here, but that's what the trim flight is for, right? I don't think I have read anywhere on here that I should add trim to the Tx.

Also, the telemetry setting on the DX6, do I leave it alone as default, or do i need to go in there and switch stuff on?

The way i have understood this heli from the beginning is that I program the Tx as per the book, fly it, do a trim flight if necessary and that's it.

Am i missing something obvious guy's

Thoughts, help, anything please.

Best Regards

Hi Guys, thought i'd update you on my little 230s story. I've got it back from the store Wednesday. The store and HH uk have had long chats about my heli and all the other 230s's that are in stock at the store, they all displayed the same issues. HH insisted that there are no issues with the heli's and after long dialogue have resolved the problem with mine, so i believe. Unfortunately i don't have all the info that they discussed about except to say that the gain settings had to be adjusted to help the flight trim to work better. So there is no way in Gods earth have all these heli's have been factory tested.

Here are my new gain values, from 1 to 8 taken from my DX6 when in gain adjustment mode. Quiet what they do i don't know, so maybe you guys may know.


I have yet to take it up the flying site due to work and the good old British weather getting in the way, but i have managed to spool up and hover it it the garden last night. In short, it will now take off vertically with no cyclic input, so that in itself is a massive improvement. Again once airborne it sounds and sits super smooth, again with very little cyclic input. The only thing i don't like is once it starts to leave the ground it rotates CW about 60 degrees then holds rudder position. I suspect one of those gain settings is responsible for that behaviour.

lets see what tonight brings, cross everything please.

Best regards to you all
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