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Unfortunately Sonny, the problems you are having are typical of QWW machines in general - not just the gassers. You are very fortunate that you have the means to re-machine some of the parts, most people don't. I purchased a new QWW .46 pro carbon kit a few years back. It was a nightmare! It had a ton of missing parts. QWW did make good on the missing parts though, I will give them credit for that. My main gear was out of round also, but not as bad as yours. There were a host of other issues that took me quite a while to get straightened out. When I finally got it flying, I was less than impressed with it's performance. It was very stable, but felt heavy in the air - sluggish compared to the Raptor 30 I had at the time. I sold it on Ebay and took a major loss. I was just glad to see it gone. QWW machines have terrible resale value. They say their new machines are better, but I for one, will never give them another cent. Burn me once , shame on them. Burn me twice, shame on me! I'm sure with your ability and resources, you will do just fine - but the bottom line is you shouldn't have had to go through all of this just to get this heli right. Good luck Sonny
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