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well, i almost messed up my esc. i should have been using a bec. as many times as i watched those finless videos on the set up, you'd think i'd remember that. *shakes head*

anyway, i should be getting the bec this week, so more later on the set up of the cc60. thanks to the staff at castle creations for the help.

i did have it spooled up to about 60%. i think this thing will suit my flying style fine. i don't expect it to be a 3D monster, it's heavy. i would love to find a OH-58D scale body to put on this thing. i've seen videos of len mount and his turbine OH-58D.

i'm going to make a video later on when i get it in the air. don't expect to see 3D. sorry, but my flying skills are not up to the challenge yet.
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