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Default Phantom 3 close call

Made a small mistake with my new P3a last night. Was just messing around flying it around the lake I live on. My home point was actually in my front yard in a clearing. I set it up and made sure to set the RTH height above all the trees. I didn't take off by the lake because of all the trees around the shore. So I took off up front, flew over to the back, and proceeded to fly my battery. At 30%, I got the low battery warning. I brought it close and continued to fly close to me. Shortly after, I got the final warning that it would RTH in 10 seconds. I quickly brought it to me and landed. Suddenly, it took back off! I'm guessing it didn't register it had landed before the final RTH warning. It took off flew through a small gap in the trees. Then flew over the trees and house too the home point and landed. After researching what happened, I realised it's possible to cancel a RTH on low battery. Is this true? My battery was at about 20% when this happened and was at 14 when it finally landed. Scared me and barely missed the trees.
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