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Default Correct motor wire connections for Lama

The A and B motors are identical except for the placement of the pinions, so you can use either one in either position as long as the pinions and wires are properly placed..

In the stock factory set-up, the rear motor has the pinion right on the outer end of the motor shaft and it drives the gear for the inner shaft. The wires from the rear motor plug into the top position on the left side of the 4 in one, with the side of the connector that has the visible metal strips faceing in, toward the 4 in 1.

The front motor has the pinion pushed down the shaft so that it's close to the motor. It drives the gear for the inner shaft. The wires from the front motor plug into the bottom position on the 4 in 1 and the side of the connector with the visible metal strips faces out, away from the 4 in one, which is the opposite of the top connector.

When set up like this, the top rotors spin counter clockwise and the bottom rotors spin clockwise. Don't forget to make sure the blades are installed facing the correct direction.

Here's some pics -

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